Cultivators of Wellness. Creators of Wonder. 

Force for Good

We’re guided by a belief that cannabis can be a force for good – improving lives, promoting wellness, inspiring wonder, and contributing to strong, socially responsible communities.


Ayr stands for quality cannabis cultivation, a wide range of choice for our customers, and a deep-rooted commitment to our local communities. We’re as passionate about cannabis as we are about the air we breathe, and we’re always focused on delivering the highest-quality products and best possible experiences to everyone.

explore the wellness
potential of cannabis

Wherever you are on your cannabis journey – whether you’re interested in the medical or the recreational side cannabis, whether you’re new to the benefits of cannabis or a connoisseur – we have the perfect product, in the perfect form, for you. Explore our wide yet thoughtfully selected range of cannabis brands here.

quality cannabis for all

The best cannabis products begin with the best cannabis plants.  At Ayr, we believe it all starts with the plant. We're passionate about quality at every stage of the plant and product lifecycle – from the seeds and the soil, to the plant maturation and harvesting, to the product processing and packaging.


We're committed to delivering the world's best cannabis products at the best possible prices, every day. Visit one of our local dispensaries to learn more.


find your form

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a wide variety of forms – and our patient care specialists are here to help you find the right form for your particular needs and preferences. The form that you choose can significantly influence your experience – including the onset speed and duration of effects. So which is right for you?

Find out more here.

our loyalty program

We love that you love our products. As a token of our appreciation – and to welcome you into the Ayr Wellness family – we’re offering special incentives for returning and repeat customers. Visit our locations to learn more about our programs, and earn rewards today.


Local communities are the backbone of our business – and we believe that our business can be a force for good in those communities and beyond. We’re proud to be a leader in ensuring that the cannabis industry is as empowering, ethical, and community-oriented as possible.