we're only as strong as our local communities


Local communities are the backbone of our business – and we believe that our business can be a force for good in those communities and beyond.


Ayr is proud to be a leader in the cannabis industry’s ongoing efforts to ensure that our business is as empowering, ethical, and community-oriented as possible.

making cannabis

As a cannabis company, we’re keenly aware of just what an important role medical cannabis can play in the health and well-being of patients. We have a number of initiatives in place to make life-changing cannabis products more accessible, particularly to patients experiencing financial hardship.

you can't be what you can't see


We feel strongly that our company and our industry should reflect the same diversity that we see in our customers and our community members. We work closely with our communities to encourage aspiring cannabis industry professionals, to foster and guide their professional growth, and to help correct the barriers that may prevent them from thriving in the industry.


restorative justice

We’re longtime supporters of restorative justice for cannabis offenses, and we’re continued sponsors of cannabis conviction expungement initiatives and events. We’ve been vocal advocates for the inclusion of restorative justice measures within recent and pending legislation. We continue to push for even greater legislative action to help support communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.


We were among the first cannabis companies to partner with established community organizations to improve care for individuals that have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs. Ayr’s Massachusetts brand Sira partners with the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) to improve housing stability for CAAS clients.


Sira is a founding member of Mass CultivatED, a public-private partnership that provides education and employment opportunities for communities that have experienced disproportionate impact through the war on drugs. Sira has also partnered with Harvard Business School’s Cannabis Club, the Workforce Development Department in Somerville and the Community Policing Unit in Boston to increase awareness of and training for employment opportunities in the cannabis industry.

economic empowerment


We have strong partnerships with local organizations to contribute to the creation of an inclusive, empowered cannabis workforce. One of our main areas of focus is partnering with minority and economic-empowerment small businesses in our local communities to set them up for success.


Through initiatives like the Sira Accelerator, we offer business mentoring, advice, and access to our retail and wholesale distribution network – always with an eye toward leveling the playing field for women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses.


We’re committed to empowering our own employees, as well. Sira is the first and so far only cannabis company in Massachusetts to unionize its workforce through a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. The unionization will support jobs in the Massachusetts cannabis industry, ensure competitive hourly wages, and help increase diversity in the industry – all while advancing its normalization and professionalization.


As we continue to expand and enter new markets, we’re excited to bring these principles with us. In our new cultivation facility and dispensary in Pennsylvania, we’re ensuring the same kinds of economic opportunity, building new jobs, hiring locally, and training and upskilling our employees.

broader community involvement


We’re actively involved in our communities in a multitude of ways. We donate a percentage of sales to advocacy groups, including Breast Cancer Research and Pride events, and we sponsor a range of local benefit events and arts organizations in our communities. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to make a meaningful positive impact that addresses our communities’ needs.


Our 2020 Community Efforts

When we join together, we become a force for good

At Ayr Wellness, we are inspired by the potential of Cannabis to make lives better. Through our education, collaboration, and action, we seek to bring that same lasting positive change to the communities we serve, and the world we live in. From seed to store and beyond, we are committed to being a force for good in all that we do.