edibles guide

New to edibles?


Let’s start with the basics. Cannabis edibles* are all those food or beverage products that are ingested — not smoked, not vaped, and not applied topically. Consumers and patients who prefer this method of consumption have a number of tasty options, because edibles come in so many varieties. Think chocolates, gummies, cannabis-spike drinks, baked goods, nougats, stroopwafels, and more! Edibles can largely be broken into four categories — sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD — that will guide what you can expect in terms of effects.


Because edibles are absorbed though the digestive tract, they have a much slower onset than cannabis that’s been inhaled. Edibles typically take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours or even longer to kick in, depending on a number of personal variables. But that slow onset also means a longer experience — effects from cannabis edibles can last between six and eight hours. The key is to practice patience by observing the golden rule of cannabis — start low and go slow.

how to
take edibles

Edibles are designed to be savored slowly and in small doses. While 10mg is considered a standard single service for adults, patients and consumers who are new to cannabis should start with 5mg to gauge their reaction. Start with the minimum dose and wait a full two hours before consuming another 5mg if you aren’t feeling any effects. Then give it another hour to ninety minutes to see how you feel.


Read labels closely and be clear on what constitutes a serving for a given edible so you understand how to consume by half if necessary. And remember to heed that golden rule!

creating an enjoyable experience


You’ve chosen your cannabis edible and you’re ready to enjoy the perfect starter dose. What now? Before indulging, make sure to set the stage for a great experience. Plan to consume in a safe, comfortable, familiar environment where you can relax for hours.

A few words of caution: just like other psychoactive cannabis products, edibles don’t mix with alcohol, and they certainly don’t mix with driving or operating heavy machinery. Never take edibles before getting behind the wheel. Be responsible about where and when you indulge so that you can make the most of the experience.

safe storage


Today, edibles come in a variety of delicious forms that fit every taste. That’s good, but it means they must be stored safely and responsibly. Make sure your friends or family can’t accidentally mistake your edibles for a regular treat. Store edibles carefully, and always out of the reach of children.



*Edibles are not approved for consumption in the Pennsylvania medical market