edibles guide

New to edibles?


Consumers or patients who prefer to ingest their cannabis without smoke have a number of tasty alternatives in the form of chocolates, nougats, gummies, candies, baked goods, cannabis spiked drinks, and more!


Because edibles are absorbed through the digestive tract, they will have a slower onset effect compared to inhaled forms. An edible can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours to kick in, and effects may last anywhere from four to six hours.

how to
take edibles

Savor edibles slowly and in small doses. Patients and consumers who are new to cannabis are recommended to start out with no more than 5 mgs (and potentially even be less, depending on your history, experience with cannabis, and the desired effect you are looking for). Start with the minimum dose, and wait two hours before consuming more.

creating an enjoyable experience


You’ve got your favorite treat and identified your appropriate starter dose. Take your edibles in a safe and comfortable environment. Be prepared to hunker down with some relaxing activities, like your favorite movie and delicious snacks.


A few words of caution: Just like any other psychoactive cannabis products, edibles do not mix with alcohol, and they certainly don’t mix with driving or operating heavy machinery. Never take edibles before getting behind the wheel of a car. Stay safe.

safe storage


Today, edibles come in a variety of delicious forms that fit every taste. That’s good, but be careful. Make sure your friends or family don’t accidentally mistake your edibles for a regular treat. Store edibles carefully, out of the reach of children.

*Edibles are not approved for consumption in the Pennsylvania medical market