our team

Cultivators of wellness. Creators of Wonder. 


We’re committed to the highest standards across all aspects of our business, from our cultivation to our retail stores. Our expert cultivators, manufacturers, budtenders and patient consultants all share our mission of delivering the best possible cannabis experience for our customers.


We know that you can’t be what you can’t see. We work closely with community members to address and correct the barriers that may prevent them from pursuing careers in the cannabis industry, or from exploring the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities available.

We believe in giving back and lifting up. Cannabis can be a force for good, leveling the racial and socio-economic playing field, providing opportunity, and contributing to the larger push for restorative justice.


Ayr recognizes that leading by example is essential. We’re proud to do our part in building a more ethical, inclusive and community-oriented cannabis industry.

the science
of cultivation

We love that our people are obsessed with the process. Our cultivation teams are experts in cannabis and passionate about quality at every stage of the plant’s lifecycle, from the wellness of the soil to the grown plant. We’re always innovating and growing new strains that deliver the wonderful experiences our customers seek to help them be their best selves.

excellence in extraction & manufacturing


Our extraction experts and product manufacturers are the best in the business. With carefully controlled extraction and manufacturing techniques, our teams deliver high-quality, lab-tested products developed to meet a wide range of needs and consumption preferences.

supporting patients & customers on their cannabis journey


Our patient consultants and budtenders are passionate about the benefits of cannabis, and they’re invested in finding the right products to suit each customer’s unique needs. This discovery - from invitation to inspiration — is at the heart of the Ayr customer experience. We know that better information helps customers select the perfect product and format for their needs.


Across all of our dispensaries, we create the same welcoming atmosphere to engage and empower our patients and customers in their pursuits of wellness and wonder with cannabis. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced cannoisseur or discovering cannabis for the first time, whether you’re looking for medical relief or simply hoping to discover something new and exciting, our patient consultants and budtenders meet you where you are. We share our knowledge with a sense of discovery, building connections and pursuing wellness.


building the best network of brands & distributors

Our Ayr family of brands, and the cultivators and producers that create them, always keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and consumption preferences. We are inspired to help ensure that Ayr Wellness, our dispensaries, and our brands always deliver the right products in the right ways.


We’re excited to bring new, growing and award-winning brands to market in new states and stores, and we’re proud to have built a network that ensures broad access to our quality cannabis products. Our products are available in 9 stores across 3 markets, and growing!

our leadership


Ayr’s leadership team and board bring extensive experience growing businesses and building strong teams. Our senior leadership team works closely and collaboratively with local Ayr teams and partners across all facets of our business operations to ensure we’re always in tune with what’s most important to our customers and our communities.