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Cannabis can be enjoyed in a wide variety of forms and products. We've carefully curated our selection of brands and products to meet a wide range of needs and interests – wherever you are on your cannabis journey.


The smokeable part of the cannabis plant that has gone through the process of cultivation, harvest, drying and curing. Methods of consumption for flower include joints, blunts, bongs, pipes and more.



A cannabis cigarette or joint that has been pre-packed and rolled for consumption upon purchase, ready to be smoked without further preparation necessary.


Infused Pre-Rolls

A pre-rolled cannabis cigarette or joint that has been infused with a cannabis concentrate, making it more potent than flower.



Cannabis products that have been processed to remove many extraneous components, leaving only the most active compounds, primarily cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates typically contain a greater proportion of active compounds compared to flowers. They can be consumed on their own, or used to increase the potency of cannabis flower-based products. Concentrates yield more potent effects with a more rapid onset, with their absorption into the body happening almost immediately.



Vaping devices pre-filled with extracted cannabis oils, consumed by attaching to a portable vape battery (such as a pen) and inhaling. Cartridges are typically high in THC content, but CBD-dominant and THC:CBD balanced cartridges widely available as well.



Alcohol or glycerol-based liquid cannabis extracts, often dosed using a dropper. Tinctures can be flavored and are usually applied under the tongue for rapid absorption. They can also be mixed into drinks for a slower onset effect. Tinctures are good starting point for new cannabis users, as well as those looking to consume without smoke or vapor.




Cannabis-infused products applied to the skin such as lotions, creams and balms. Topicals use the therapeutic qualities of cannabis to treat muscle aches, soreness, tension, dry skin and other ailments.



Food items made with cannabis flower or concentrates. Edibles come in a range of forms—the most common include gummies, beverages, chocolates, baked goods, hard candies and cooking oils. 

*Edibles are not approved for consumption in the Pennsylvania medical market.